History Awaits!

St Columba stopped off at Southend on his way to Iona 1500 years ago and you can see the ruins of the church built on the spot where he came ashore. Legend has it that the imprints he made when he came ashore became encased in stone and “St Columba’s footprints” are still visible today!

There is more history at the Dunaverty Rock, which is said to be where the Earl of Argyll had three hundred people murdered back in 1647. Thankfully today it has a more peaceful role as the southern end of the “Kintyre Way”, a 76 mile route that criss crosses the peninsula showing the rugged, remote beauty that marks Kintyre.

Seal Bay gets its name from the creatures that you’ll regularly find basking on the rocks just a few miles from Osborne Cottage. Here you’ll also regularly find a wealth of seabirds and other wildlife, including otters, eagles and cormorants.

Further Afield

Further attractions in nearby Campbeltown include the beautiful Art Deco Cinema which has recently undergone a full refurbishment to bring it back to its former glory, a museum, the Linda McCartney Memorial Garden and the Island of Davaar with its famous depiction of Christ painted in a cave.  The island can only be reached by a natural shingle causeway at low tide so be sure and check the tide times online before you set off!

Daunting driving isn’t just confined to the nearby golf courses. The Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse is just twelve miles along the coast and if you can bear the single track road with sheer drops to the sea below, you’ll be rewarded with a view you’ll never forget.

Why not take a drive to Saddell Bay, where Paul McCartney famously shot the video for his hit song “Mull of Kintyre” in 1997.  You can also view the famous GRIP statue by Anthony Gormley which stares out to sea.

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